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 *philip* Well, that's me, at a renaissance festival. Butterfly and I love to go to them, and someone managed to get that picture of me. It's a hot link to a larger version, if you really feel you have to torture yourself. *grin*

For the terminally curious, I'm 6 feet tall, around 165 pounds, and have fairly long hair, reaching about 2/3 down my back. As I understand it, the name apparently originates in greece, and means "lover of horses". I've been active on local BBS systems since the early 80's, but I've only been on the Internet since 1994. My real name is Philip Brogden, but most all of that time I've gone by the handle Gryphon.

I was born in 1960 (a true "child of the '60s"), in Tallahassee, Florida. The family moved to Texas in the early 70's, first in Port Aransas, then moving to Austin in the late 80's.

From early April of 1990 through August of 1995 I worked as a programmer and game designer at Origin Systems, where I worked on a bunch of different games.

However, in 1995 I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico to work for Her Interactive, a company dedicated to the idea that girls and women should have fun software, too! Kind of neat stuff, getting to work on something completely NEW for a change! No more retreads of FRPGs and flight sims in new wrappers. I did a couple of games with them - McKenzie & Company, and Vampire Diaries. After that shipped I did their web site for a while... then in an amazing bout of corporate strangeness, I wound up doing some programming on their Nancy Drew game, which looks like it will be very nice, if it ever comes out.

But... the situation there was just too strange and unstable, so I decided to leave before they Chapter-11'd. I did a stint of contract programming through Maxim/Aerotech, and eventually settled down at Applied Biosystems doing testing on genetics software - both the stuff that drives the instruments themselves, and the stuff that helps make sense out of the staggering amount of data that's produced. It's very challenging and exciting work - not only is the pure science behind it amazing, but the range of problems facing the testing (especially in an ISO9000 shop) is impressive.

When I'm not busy working, I spend a lot of time online - usually on a MUX I'm involved with, called 'Spheres', which has a really great and informative web page, which I created.

If I'm not doing that, I'm probably out doing things like nature photography, playing around with Bryce or Animation:Master,, driving around in my Miata exploring New Mexico, or just plain doing work in, on, and around the house.

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