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This is a gallery of the images I've created, in one manner or another.

Please, DO distribute these images! Take them, copy them, use them yourself. All I ask is that you don't modify them (except to re-size them), don't remove the (tiny) copyright text, and please, credit me, if you can. Thanks!

Just click on the image for a larger copy

t_step20.jpg WIP: Creating a Gryphon - Animation:Master

This is a long-running tutorial about how to create a gryphon using A:M. This is version 2 of the project, considerably higher patch count than the first, and also all mine - no taking from anywhere else. No planning ahead, no cleaning up, this is basically as much a log of my own progress and misteaks as anything... I tend to learn from mistakes, my own and other people's, so... I make plenty!

Click the pic to go see.

soaring.jpg WIP: Desert Gryphons - Before the Storm - Animation:Master

Using the model below, this is my first real attempt to bring a whole scene together, with actors, scenery, lighting, etc. At this point, it's pretty pathetic. Having worked with Bryce, in the images below, I got real spoiled for easy access to good procedural textures and texture control for landscapes. It's in A:M, and the control is phenomenal, but... it's not easy.

Right now it's got 2 plant models I made, and one rock. Yes, that's many variations on the same rock model. Love those deform tools! Needs more plants, and better variety in the ground texture. The full scene (710x500) takes about 2 minutes to render.

LRgryph.jpg WIP: Gryphon - Animation:Master
This is a pretty rough model, obviously... but that's alright, because it's designed for long-distance shots. The forebody is from one of the stock models that comes with A:M, as is part of the hind end. Extensive rennovations happened to both.

I consider this basically finished, but... I expect using it in actual scenes (as above) will reveal details that need tweaking, so until I'm a bit more happy with it, I'm keeping the model in-house.

Patch count is currently 685. Pretty basic bones, no constraints or actions.
phonograph1.jpg Accoustic Research Turntable - Animation:Master
All the texturing is done procedurally, which will make it render a bit slow, but it's really not too bad.
I could probably reduce the patch count by quite a bit, since I used 8-point symmetry for all the roundy bits, and could certainly have just used 4. Ooops.
Thanks, Mike Muncy, from Animation Pitstop for the help with bones!

Version 9.0p - 669 patches. Bones for the platter rotation, and arm movement, but no restraints.
Click here for a copy of the .mdl file. (146k)
birdstand_full.jpg Birdy playgym - Animation:Master
This was my first real project in A:M. Sadly, the project was the victim of a... "unexpected exit to desktop", and was corrupted. My attempts at re-making it haven't gotten very far.

Click here to go see the instructions on how to build this stand, which is what the project was for.
nf5_1024x768.jpg.jpg Another one created in Bryce 3D. I did this for a very cool bunch of guys over at New Fenecia - a Starsiege: Tribes related site. This one gave me a chance to really use my sneaky method for making unique trees.
1024x768, 227k jpeg

Created in Bryce 3D, this took a bit of tweaking to get just what I wanted. I like asymmetry.

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1280x1024, 310k jpeg

Created in Bryce 3D, this took very little time to build, and is yet another example of my fascination with floating stones. *grin*

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1000x800, 223k jpeg
aug18_1998.jpg Created in Bryce 3D, a simple experiment with cloud layers, to create what I hope is a nicely moody alien landscape. That's not the stock Bryce moon, but a sphere with a special texture.
1260x1004, 192k jpeg
oct_08_1998.jpg The same general idea as above, created when I thought I'd lost the original. The differences are really kind of interesting.
1280x1024, 204k jpeg
grael.jpg A shot of the Grael River, from the Spheres MUX I work on. I'm really not satisfied with this shot yet, it needs more work, but it's getting there.
1024x768, 271k jpeg
aug28_1998.jpg An experiment with textures, distance, and my quick-and-dirty method for making really pretty decent trees. They're intended for use in larger groups, a bit further away, but I still think this is OK.
1280x1024, 295k jpeg
myth_ocean.jpg Another image from SpheresMUX. This is an attempt at a view from the ocean. The water's too darn smooth, and I'm too darn lazy to try and fix it... but otherwise the feel is just what I wanted.
1024x768, 295k jpeg

My favorite image. And another floating, mysterious rock!

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1280x1024, 295k jpeg
sep_10_1998.jpg Lots of intersecting objects here, for you Bryce folks. Getting the misty cloud stuff underneath the raising island took quite a lot of tweaking!
1280x1024, 295k jpeg

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