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What is a Gryphon, anyway?

 Gryphon Well, the this image (65k) is a pretty darn good representation.

A gryphon is essentially the combination of a giant eagle and a lion. The front half is the eagle's feathers, wings, legs, etc., while the back half is that of a lion. Obviously, they can get pretty big.

History of gryphons
First born around 3,000 B.C., in the ancient Near East, gryphons were the Pharoah's companion in Egypt. In later Minoa, they became sacred guardians. Since then they've served many roles in many mythologies.

Pomponius Mela wrote that an area was uninhabitable "because the Griffons (a cruel and eager kind of wild beast) do wonderfully love the gold, which lies discovered above the ground, and do wonderfully keep it, and are very fierce upon them that touch it."

Gryphons have always had a traditional fondness for horses. Generally in the culinary sense. This fact makes it especially odd that there is a creature known as the "Hippogriff" - the result of the union between a gryphon and a mare. Maybe some gryphons are fond of horses in other ways?

Ever wished you could 'be' a gryphon?

It's not as crazy at it might sound! Well, OK, maybe it is. *grin* But if you've felt a tie to these creatures, you might want to take a look at a MUX called 'Spheres'. It's a very strongly role-play based system, similar to a MUSH/MUD/etc. The web page should give you enough information to tell you if you want to check it out further.

More pictures of gryphons

 cara_grystorm.jpg (145k) A great illustration of one of my characters! Thanks loads to Cara! Go and visit her website!
 BV-GRYPH.JPG (94k) Boris Valleho's take on a gryphon.
 SLEEPGRY.GIF (94k) From Alice in Wonderland.
 RAMPANT.GIF (14k) A very nice line drawing.

24 ways "Gryphon" has been spelled through time: Gryffen, girphinne, greffon, grefyne, grephoun, griffen, griffin, griffion, griffon, griffoun(e), griffown, griffun, griffyn, grifon, grifyn, griphin, griphon, gryffin, gryffon, gryfon, gryfoun(e), gryphen, gryphin, and gryphon.

Ordinarily, this is where I would put a bunch of links to other places of similar interest. But really, there's only a couple of places that are worth going to. What the heck is an Eyrie, anyway? It's the same as Aerie, which seems appropriate, given how many ways one can spell Gryphon.
So what's an Aerie? Websters says: it's "The nest of a bird of prey, as of an eagle or hawk; a brood of eagles or hawks."

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