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Gryphon & Butterfly - the Home of Homes. Topmost level of the website, where the links to everything are!

Home - here.

All about Philip - Not quite 'all', but a lot, anyway.
Games I worked on - I worked on a number of computer games over the years.
My Miata - It's mine. It's a Miata.
My Norton - The restoration of my Norton 750 Commando motorcycle.

All about Gryphons - learn about these majestic mythical creatures

The Gallery - I do a lot of doodling around with Bryce and Animation:Master.
Take a look, and feel free to download these images for your own use. station - a direct link to my station on
Techno, Dream, Electronic, Experimental... some very neat stuff, I think.

Cool Links - Well... not all that cool. I'm terrible at keeping these up. :/

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