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Bah. I'm terrible at maintaining this. So tell me if links are broken, or need to be added.

--- cartoons, comics, and art ----- - lots of good stuff here. - a lot of crap, but some goodness.
Dragon Tails - excellent strip! Start from the first strip, you won't be sorry.
Freefall - rules.
Penny-Arcade - well-honed gaming sarcasm, along with useful stuff and reviews.
The Polymer City Chronicles - well done serious strip.
PvP Online - more funny game-related stuff.

--- games, toys, and things -----
Garden Railways magazine

--- SPACE, real and fictional -----
Babylon 5's official web site

--- HORSES, sort of -----
A good place to find horse links.
Godiva Chocolates! (drool)

--- Totally random goodies -----

T-shirts about beer! Brew Tees
Why are we all doomed? US census population clocks, and the US National Debt.
The really huge Miata page.
The local (to Albuquerque, anyway) college radio station - KUNM.
CarTalk - a really great loony radio show, where two guys solve car-related problems. Sort of.

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