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Well, I suppose the very first game I ever really had anything to do with was the first Wing Commander. I did the synchronization of the lips with the speech... not very glamorous or exciting, but at least they matched! These days they just sort of flap their faces around, I think. Unless of course, it's video... the Wave Of The Future! *grin*

After that was Savage Empire, where I co-wrote a lot of the conversations with Aaron Allston. To this day few things delight me like giving Professor Rafkin a lit bomb and asking him about his laboratory.

Martian Dreams followed close on the heels of Savage, and was another Ultima VI spin-off. On this one I did nearly all of the map design and creation. Kind of hard to make a plain red planet interesting, but I think we did a pretty good job!

Ultima VII was a lot of fun, because I got to completely control the magic system! Mwhahah! Try casting the Death Vortex on yourself sometime, and wandering through town. I also did a bunch of work on the intro for this one.

An Ultima 7 spin-off was next - Serpent Isle. I did a little map work, and the magic system, again.

Hey! Wait! Let's milk U7 more! The Serpent Isle spin-off (U7.5.5?) was a great one, but I have to say all I did on this one was consult on the magic system and some other assorted code dinglies.

And then there was that Golf game... but it got cancelled.

So what did I do for almost 2 years? I did the writing, scripting, missions and screen interface design for a helicopter sim. It was known as "Chopper Assault" internally, and was (finally) released under the name "JANE's® AH-64D Longbow™"
It was pretty late coming out, but that was well after I left Origin. I'm proud to say that it got Flight Sim of the Year, by several magazines! Unfortunately, due to reasons which neither Origin nor Andy Hollis has never felt the need to impart to me, I was not credited as being the designer. In fact, you might notice that there's not a 'designer' credit at all! Hmmmm..... Anyway, it's a really great game, and the sequels made it just more so. So go buy it, and thank the team... and me. *grin*

And that's all I did for Origin.

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