Indiana Jones joined our family in October 1999 after psychically luring Butterfly into the Albuquerque Animal Humane adoption booth at PetSmart, even though she meant to go to Sam's instead. Indy is the first kitten we've had in our home in many years, and he's a good playmate for A-Ko. He's a smart cat and is not afraid of anything in the world. He spends his days terrorizing A-ko and plotting ways to eat a bird without getting caught. Indy is the only cat we know who had to be quarantined until his bubonic plague results came back (negative, thank you). Watch out or he'll steal your eyeglasses right off your face!

Indy escaped from the house in May of 2005 while Gryphon & Butterfly were out of town and a pet sitter was keeping watch. We looked everywhere, posted flyers, and offered a reward, but he never returned to us, and Phineas misses him dearly.