Greyhound Pets of America


Greyhounds are intelligent, gentle, affectionate, and generally terrific dogs. Retired racing greyhounds make wonderful pets. Most get along well with other dogs and can be trained to live peacefully with indoor cats.

When dogs leave the track or kennel, usually between the ages of 18 months and five years of age, many adoption groups place them into foster homes where they begin learning how to function in their new lives as pets. We have fostered many dogs, giving them a loving home and some basic training in household rules. Yes, we get attached, but it's very fulfilling to see our "babies" going off to live with their new families.

If you're interested in adoption, be sure to ask questions and find out more about this wonderful breed. In particular, I'd encourage you to consider adopting a senior dog. Senior greyhounds are marvelous, generally healthy, and and incredibly heart-warming and fulfilling addition to many families.

There is a large, active group of greyhound friends on the Internet. Check out Butterfly's greyhound links for more information.

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