Our Very Fine House

 Our House Here we are, nestled in the mountains at an altitude of about 7,600 feet. We live in a little A-frame house southeast of Albuquerque. It's a 15-20 minute drive through the Cibola National Forest to get to the interstate, but once you're there you're right outside Albuquerque. Technically speaking, it's at 34 degrees, 56 minutes north by 106 degrees, 17 minutes west.

Temperatures are much cooler here than they were in Austin. During the winter it's not uncommon to sit in the hot tub while the outdoor thermometer reads 20 degrees or less. Sprinting to and from the tub in the snow is good exercise! Summertime temperatures are a bit milder, tending to hover around 60 degrees during the late evenings, with highs in the low 90's.

We're learning about all kinds of mysterious country living stuff like septic tanks and wells (who needs water when you have a hot tub?) and wood-burning stoves. It's an adventure!

Neither one of us has ever lived in a place where it snows so much. Austin might get an inch of snow once every ten years, and (sensibly) when that happens everything in town shuts down. Unfortunately, that won't work when it snows frequently, so we don't get that excuse to lay around the house and play in the white stuff! If you compare Gryphon's transportation with Butterfly's, you'll see whose vehicle gets out more in the winter!

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