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C. Yvonne Dailey
Communication Specialist

Communication solutions for small companies and non-profit organizations

What can I do for you?

Despite what our parents told us, in today's business world you sometimes can judge a book by its cover. In the never-ceasing rush of information that confronts decision makers, well-designed presentations stand out. Whether we like it or not, the difference between having our ideas taken seriously and seeing them lost in the deluge may lie in the way they are packaged.

But it takes time and expertise to produce professional-looking products. Most small corporations just can't dedicate staff or resources to developing that time and expertise. That's where the help of an experienced communication specialist comes in.

I can work with you and your staff to develop products that fit your schedule and your budget. Your project receives the time and individual attention you may not be able to spare it. And purchasing expert assistance for specific projects is a very cost-effective solution.

Professional Experience

I offer over 20 years of experience in writing, editing, designing, and producing documents of all kinds. I specialize in helping small companies and non-profit organizations present their messages with attractive, readable, and useful products, on time and within budget. I can help you with:


  • Copy writing for press releases, brochures, presentations, etc.
  • Technical writing for manuals, research reports, and other informational documents.
  • Graphic design and layout for logos, letterhead, business cards, presentation materials, etc.
  • Newsletter design, editing, and production.
  • Bidding and management of print jobs.


  • World Wide Web page design and implementation.
  • Mailing list management.
  • Research and literature searches.

Grant Writing

  • Grant proposals to federal, state, local, and private funding entities.


I have developed communication solutions for all types of entities, including academic institutions, non-profit agencies, and for-profit corporations. My resume includes work on technical manuals, fact sheets, research reports, newsletters, slide and photographic presentations, elementary and university curricula, invitations, flyers, conference proceedings, databases and other networking tools, computer bulletin board systems, and Internet projects.

Recent Productions

World Wide Web Pages:


  • Migrant Health Newsline (National Center for Farmworker Health)
  • NNOHA News (National Network for Oral Health Access)
  • Miata Roadrunner (Miata Club of America, Roadrunner Chapter)

Other Publications:

  • Reaching Our Children: A Compendium of Program Models For Outreach (December 1997, Bureau of Primary Health Care, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • Migrant Health Centers Referral Directory and Database (semi-annual, National Center for Farmworker Health, Inc.)
  • Promotional Materials for Midwest Farmworker Stream Forum (annual, National Center for Farmworker Health, Inc.)
  • Concert Programs for New Mexico Women's Chorus and A Circle of Friends Productions

My on-line resume contains a complete list of publication credits.

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