Poems from our Fridge

Since we bought our new refrigerator, we've amassed a large collection of magnetic components for 'fridge poetry. Whenever we've had guests, we usually find new poems. Their work is collected below for your enjoyment and edification. Where the authors are known, they are credited.

satanic Elvis in space battle over custody of Bigfoot miracle children

Oprah denies sordid delirious men

an eternity of spray wax
a juice to cook and eat

feed the woman a peach &
have gorgeous easy sex

a rain symphony
after languid moments we
put the ship to sea

woman really likes blood
she cuts cheater hubby
follow me to jail
TV movie next year

please recall who must incubate
when next we crush you

controversial homosexual aliens;
lovers or nixon stalkers?
—John & Marty

bosom buddies escape two-headed princess
mother marilyn plays as the dead deer

watch summer skies cool for fall as wind whispers winter snow
—Ken & Melanie

a diamond moment gone
but always innocent
lovers sweetly sing

winters blue mist
visits under smokey shadows
urging spring to
show love and to light the
forests beauty

if we pound on it mother may cry and iron a mean goddess

drunk on summer love lust life
sing to the moon

enormous pink man meat
his hormones run red hot

my tiny elaborate apparatus
produced a mad ugly sausage
I am bitter

married mutant with smooth skin and sweet butt
aches to divorce & have bare pope

in the purple light of winter
I chant a vision of roses

fluff whiskers scratch shake
head butt flood of affection

moon goddess shakes her bare feet to music
as a storm nears the forest
and leaves sing
—Ken & Melanie

delicately elaborate on eternity
angel soaring by light

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