The 1998 Grand Canyon (sur)Real Space

We had so much fun at the 1997 Grand Canyon Real Space that we did it again. This time we had a small gathering of Callahanians from Phoenix, Albuquerque, and Eugene, Oregon. Maybe next year the Phoenix RealLife will be brave enough to try planning a full-scale RealSpace around this event!

These are from the digital camera. More photos to come when they get back from the developer.

 The Grand Canyon  Butterfly, Gimli, Chris-O, Giselle, Randolph, Gryphon  Rubbing Chris-O's head for luck  Chris-O at the telescope  Gryph and Randolph shutterbugging  Gimli and Giselle  Gimli and Giselle  Gryphon and Butterfly  A fat, bold squirrel

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