Re-Building Our Patio
August 2003 - ?

Years of snow in the winter and heat in the summer (we won't even mention Gryphon's favorite factor, the gophers) are hard on even the best-laid brick patio. Needless to say, after a few years of living in our funky little mountain home, the patio was starting to get pretty sad so in August of 2003 we tore it out entirely and started the great re-build. Not only are we replacing the old patio, but we're also making the area in front of my office significantly larger.

Sadly, we did not finish our work before the snowy mountain winter brought the project to a halt. Come spring, Gryphon was in school and spending every waking hour either at work, in class, or in clinic working on his practical hours. Thus it is now the summer of 2004, and work has finally recommenced. By the end of July, we may actually be able to sit on our finished patio and have a homebrew to celebrate!

New patio area - west side New patio area - east side New patio area - east side New patio area - east side New patio area - cutout under window Loading sand Sand bed - west side Sand bed - east side Sand bed - east side Philip tamping down sand Bricks - west side Bricks - east side Bricks in progress - east side

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