Adventure #5: This is spring?!?

In the middle of April, after several days of lovely 70o weather, with all the snow long gone, we decided to re-build the Trooper's carburetor. This took a day or so, but still the weather was nice... until time came to put it back in again. It had gotten quite a bit colder, and was sort of sleeting/snowing.

tulips The lovely little tulips which had started blooming their heads off seemed a bit put off.

"Well," we said, "surely this won't last. We'll just go to bed, and once again it will be warm, and the white stuff will be gone, and we can put the carburetor back in without breaking our fingers off."

It seemed reasonable.

The view out our bedroom door the next morning was not promising. snow

more snow The view into the driveway was even less appealing.

buried tulips The tulips... what tulips? Really, there were tulips here yesterday.

So the only car that could go anywhere in this weather was inactive because its carburetor was sitting on the floor. Not a good thing. We swept the snow off the hood, put a heater in the engine compartment, and let it run for a nice long time. It seemed sort of silly, but it really did help when it came time to put the car back together again. No fingers broke off, and the car is all better again.

We're still sort of curious about what happened to our spring!

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