Adventure #3: Honey, Can I Use Your Car Today?

From I-40 to our house, the road is well maintained. The snowplows run reliably in the winter, because the highway is used by schoolbuses.

Our street is a different story, though. Its only maintenance is an annual grading, which the neighbors pitch in to pay for. The road is steep and bumpy and, to make matters worse, in shade most of the day. When it's covered with fresh snow it's no problem, but once the snow has melted a bit and then re-frozen, it's impassable unless you're equipped with four-wheel or front-wheel drive and/or snow chains.

Now, if you've been reading our web pages, maybe you already know that Philip drives a Mazda Miata. It's beautiful, tiny, lots of fun to drive. It's also next to useless on ice.

What this means is that on snowy mornings Philip drives Yvonne's car to work. Unless it's nice in the morning and snows during the day. Then he drives the 35 miles or so from his office to the foot of our street, stops and puts on snow chains, and drives a couple hundred feet up to the house.

Here is what a Miata looks like when it's come out of a 360-degree spin and fetched up just a hair short of a rock almost as big as the car!

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